What are the Dos and Don’ts of Pre-Purchase Building Inspection in Aspendale?

Just 27 km south east of Melbourne’s central business district, Aspendale is a perfect place to have a home! However, buying a house in this area needs a significant investment, so you should be sure about your decision.

There are plenty of good building and pest inspection companies out there ready to help you out, but there are certain things you should know. A reliable agency will take care of everything, still, your participation is required, as it is you who is investing money.

Here are the dos and don’ts of the pre-purchase building inspection in Aspendale.

The Dos

Doing the following things will help you put your hard-earned money in the right property, while you can be sure about the structure and other essential things.

Hire a Licensed Company

The first thing you need to do is check the license of the building and pest inspection agency you are going to hire in Aspendale, Victoria. Enquiring the building inspection agency’s accreditation/license will help you determine the job quality.

Furthermore, it will help you hire someone who is reliable and has been serving the industry for years. A licensed company would love to show their certificates, and that’s what you need.

Try to Be with the Inspectors

A typical building inspection can take around 2-3 days, but it would be great if you can be present at the site when the inspectors are doing their job.

Doing so will help you know most of the issues right away, even without seeing the full report. Furthermore, you can get your queries cleared by the inspectors, which in return will help you make an informed buying decision.

Keep the Information Concealed from the Property Owners

Even if you know about the major issues in a property, don’t directly discuss them with the property owner. This can lead to heated arguments, and you may lose the upper hand when it comes to bargaining and getting a fair deal.

Let the final report come, and then discuss the things with the building inspection agency before talking to the realtor or the property owner.

Always Ask for a Disclaimer-disclosure of the Report

Ask the home inspectors in Aspendale to provide you with a disclaimer disclosure of the building and pest inspection report. It will help you avert any legal issues in future while you know beforehand what the inspectors will cover in the final report.

It also prevents any legal issues with the inspection agencies, and you know what you are paying for.

Add Extras

Merely, a building inspection is not enough to be sure about the home you are going to buy. So the next thing to do is adding extras to the services. Some reliable building inspection agencies offer pest inspection services as well, so you can club both services to get a package.

A lot of home buyers forget to take the essential services in the excitement to purchase their new abode.

The Don’ts

Depositing the Full Amount before Inspection

If the realtor or the homeowners asks for a full deposit, do not do that. You should only deposit a certain amount based on the condition of the building. Remember, the buying decision depends on the building inspection report, so depositing the full amount doesn’t make sense.

Approaching Inspectors Suggested by the Realtor

The realtor you are discussing the terms with is only interested in selling you the property. Maybe the inspectors that they suggest are not the best for you, and you know it pretty well.

Hiring a property inspection agency is easy, and you can quickly look for a reliable firm in Aspendale. However, make sure to ask several questions to the inspectors before you hire them.

Letting Realtors and Property Owners Misinterpret the Report

While presenting the final building inspection report to the seller or real estate agent, make sure they understand every aspect thoroughly. If it takes, ask the inspectors to accompany you to explain the details better, so you can stand strong on your grounds and negotiate like a champ.

Accepting Old Building Inspection Reports

Several issues can develop overnight, such as blocked gutters, which can quickly escalate into a bigger issue. So, you should never accept old building reports presented by the property seller or the real estate firm engaged in the process.

Always get a fresh report from a trusted inspection firm and only believe what the inspectors say.

Criticising the Property

If the deal breaks due to any circumstances, do not criticise the property publicly. Not only is it disrespectful for the owners, but it creates a bad image of the property in the market, so you should avoid doing that.

Keep the report and its details up to you, and then you are the one to decide if the property is worth buying or not.

Monopolising the Inspector’s Time

Building and pest inspection is a tough job, so you should let the inspectors do that without monopolising their time. It is understandable that you may have several questions in mind, but only ask them once the inspectors are done doing their work.

Final Thoughts

It is indispensable to keep these dos and don’ts in mind to buy the best home in Aspendale that’s worth your investment. Furthermore, it is paramount to choose the right inspector that scrutinises every issue and presents them in the final report.

At All About Building Inspections, we are a preferred choice of our clients in Aspendale. Whether you are looking for a pre-purchase building inspection or pest inspection, our highly qualified inspectors can assist you.

The best part about our services is promptness and easy-to-read reports that are precise and accurate. Click on the Contact Us button today, and hire our building experts for a pre-purchase building inspection before you sign the contract and close the deal.

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