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Pre Purchase Building Inspections

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Pest Inspections

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Pre Sale Defect Inspections

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Handover Inspections

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Do you need a qualified and experienced building inspection specialist? All About Building Inspections is proud to offer quality building inspection services that are 100% unbiased. We service Melbourne and south east Victoria, offering comprehensive reporting with photos as well as best price guarantees. You can rely on our trusted experts to inspect your property in accordance with Australian Standard requirements, searching for and identifying any defects or problems that need addressing.

We can assist you with:

  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspection – Services that help buyers determine if a property has any defects and issues that could be costly to fix.
  • Pest Inspection – Services that identify the presence of termites and other infestations in the roof cavity, subfloor, interior, perimeter fencing and outbuildings.
  • Pre-Sale Defect Inspections – Services that help sellers resolve potential issues, allowing them to obtain the maximum sale price and avoid problems.
  • Handover Inspection – Services that ensure your builder is aware of any issues or defects that need to be rectified before you settle and receive the keys to your new home.

How Much is a Pest Control Inspection?

The cost of pest inspection services can vary based on various factors, including the size of the property, the number of areas that need checking and how long the inspection takes to carry out.

What is a Handover Inspection?

Property handover inspection services are organised once building for your new home is completed. This ensures the builder is aware of any defects and can have a chance to rectify them before you get the keys.

What Do Pre-Handover Inspections Look For?

A pre-handover inspection looks for imperfections caused by substandard workmanship and corner cutting. Photo reports can locate and understand every defect for your peace of mind.

What Does a Building Inspection Cover in Victoria?

A building inspection in Victoria covers the entire house, looking for everything from cracked roof tiles, roof leaks, gutter debris and blocked downpipes to timber rot, rising damp, uneven floors and more. It also encompasses the yard, including any sheds, garages, pergolas, decks, paths, fences, driveways, trees, balconies and retaining walls.

What Does a Building and Pest Inspection Cover?

A building and pest inspection checks for the above as well as checking for signs of termite and other infestations and investigating the integrity of the timber. This inspection can also uncover the presence of pests in the roof cavity, subfloor and interior.

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If you’re looking for an expert in building inspections that meets Australian Standards, All About Building Inspections is the best choice. Give us a call on 0455 123 810 or enquire online to learn more about what we can do and how we can help. You can also check out a sample report or make a booking.

Building Inspection Prices

At All About Building Inspections, we pride ourselves on providing reliable building inspection services at an affordable price. If you’re wondering about our building inspection price in Melbourne, you can rest assured that we offer some of the most competitive building inspection prices around. View our building and pest inspection price list below to find out how much a pre-handover, final handover, building or pest inspection will cost.

How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost in Victoria?

The cost of a termite inspection can vary depending on a range of factors, such as the size of the property. Our termite and pest inspection price starts from $150 when combined with a building inspection, or $280 for a standalone pest inspection.

How Much Does a Building Inspection Cost in Melbourne?

Prices can vary depending on the type of inspection being carried out and the size of the building. For example, the pre-sale defect inspection price for a single story home will differ to the handover inspection price for a double story home. At All About Building Inspections, our building inspection price starts from just.

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Offering a competitive pre-purchase building inspection price, you can’t go past All About Building Inspections when you need a building or pest inspection conducted. Call us now on 0455 123 810 to book an inspection for a time that suits you.

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