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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Melbourne

You’ve found your dream home?

Make sure you’re not buying a money pit!

The property you’re looking at could look fine on the surface but have a long list of defects and issues that you can’t see. Defects and issues that could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars to fix. Save yourself the heartache of buying a money pit and be sure to book a pre-purchase building inspection so you know exactly what you’re buying! The Pre-Purchase Property Inspection is carried out by certified inspectors in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1 – 2007.

What’s checked in Pre-Purchase Building Inspections?

For a fully comprehensive list of what’s checked in a pre-purchase house inspection, click here.

The House – roof rust, cracked roof tiles, roof leaks, dislodged roof tiles, deteriorated roof tiles, sagging roofline, chimney, flashings, parapet walls, flues, gutter fall, gutter debris, gutter ponding, gutter rust, fascia rot, fascia paint deterioration, fascia unevenness, eaves leaking, eave rot, eaves detached or damaged, downpipe rust, downpipes not connected, downpipes blocked, cracked windows, rotten windows, wall cracks, mortar deterioration, timber rot, bowing walls, rising damp, plumbing leaks and rust, heating ducts detached, rusted heating and cooling, leaks from showers, rising damp inside, uneven floors, footings issues etc.

The Yard – All sheds, garages, pergolas, decks, balconies and retaining walls are checked. Surface drainage is checked. Paths, fences, driveways and trees are checked.

A pre-purchase house inspection helps determine the true condition of the home you’re looking to buy. It can be organised for both single story / double story properties, ensuring that nothing has been overlooked or concealed by the seller and real estate agent.

To book pre-purchase building inspection in Melbourne, simply get in touch with our pre-purchase building inspection experts. You can also fill out our online booking form with your preferred time and day.

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A pre purchase building inspection is vital in Melbourne. It reveals the true condition of a property before buying. Comprehensive inspections identify hidden issues and potential problems. By getting a pre purchase house inspection, you make an informed decision and avoid costly surprises.

Pre-sale and pre-purchase building inspections serve distinct purposes. Pre-purchase inspections help buyers assess a property's condition before purchase, informing their decisions and negotiations. Pre-sale inspections benefit sellers by identifying and addressing issues upfront, promoting transparency and attracting more buyers. While both evaluate property condition, pre-purchase inspections empower buyers, while pre-sale inspections aid sellers in smooth transactions.


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