Things that building inspectors will check during their visit

Purchasing a home is a considerable investment. This is why many people opt for a building inspection to make sure that the property is well checked and to ensure that their money won’t go to waste.

If you are planning to buy a property, then you might be wondering what building inspectors usually check when they do their job.

When you walk through a house, and you see everything looks fine, you might think why do you need an inspector? It’s because an experienced inspector has trained eyes that can see things or issues about the house that you can’t. This goes to all types of house or apartment, whether it’s new or old. A building inspection, therefore, protects you from making a wrong decision.

So here are the things that inspectors check during their visit.

Electrical System

The electrical system should be inspected to ensure that all electrical wires, systems and components are meeting the legal safety standards. This is especially true if the property is more than 20 years old.

Inspecting the electrical system is essential for the safety of your property as well as your family. This way, you have ensured the safety operation of all electrical components in your future home. Also, if there are mistakes made by the contractors or the previous owner of the property, these will be identified by the building inspectors. You will be made aware that the wirings are already outdated and no longer advised to use.

By having a building inspection, you are allowed to correct the wrong installation of specific electrical issues, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all electrical factors are safe before you purchase it.

Plumbing system

The plumbing system is often overlooked when buying a house . As long as the water runs from the taps, you may think that everything is working fine. You may never know of the existing problems like leaking pipes, slow draining sinks or flushing toilets issues.

A professional building inspector will check anywhere the water runs through the property. This includes sinks, toilets, tubs, lines and pipes. Water can be a destructive force on the house, so this needs to be addressed quickly. With professional building inspection, the inspector will know if washers and sealers need to be replaced to avoid a breakdown on water systems.

The exterior of the house

The exterior of the property is not just all about the walls. It also includes the parking, landscaping and its surrounding areas. The building inspector will identify whether the property is structurally safe and will put on the inspection report whether repairs are needed and the estimated cost.

The exterior of the property is always exposed to different types of climatic conditions. It, therefore, should be continuously checked to make sure that it is properly maintained and if the deterioration is happening. Even new buildings can suffer from some issues caused by climates changes such as thinning paint and shrinking caulking.

A building inspector can help you in pointing out any damage to the structures outside the home and will explain to you the current situation of the property which you may not be aware of.

The interior of the house

There are two purposes of inspecting the interior of the house. One is to make sure that the interior spaces met the local building codes and two, to identify safety-related issues and hazards.

The inspector will check the walls, floors, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other related areas. They will check the property from top to bottom. They will check if there are cracks on the walls if the doors close properly if the floor is even or not. They will also look for signs of moulds or pest infestation.

This part of the inspection will let you know if a renovation is needed, especially if some features of the property do not meet the standard or not up to code.

Property’s documentation

Building inspectors will also include checking of some documentation during the inspection process. They may check on the building’s plans, citations, permits, floor plans, maintenance records and others. By checking these documents, the inspector can reveal the real cost of the property and help you make a smart decision.

A building inspection is an excellent opportunity to determine if the property is constructed in compliance with the standard codes as well to know if the property is safe to occupy. You will know if significant issues are present in the property, and it will help you decide whether you want to close the purchase or find another property. You see, building inspection can be used as your contingency when negotiating with the seller. If renovations or repairs are needed, you can deal with the seller for a lower price.

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