What are the signs of structural damage in houses?

Ideally, you want a house to be perfect and free of issues. This is especially true when you are buying a new home. However, whether your home is newly constructed or is already fifty years old, there is always a possibility that it contains structural damages.

Some causes of structural damage are poor construction, moisture and natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. These damages can happen anytime, but the problem is people don’t always know what is considered to be structural damage. More often than not, they don’t discover these damages until it’s too late.

Structural damages can be spotted at an early age. All you have to know are the warning signs so you can keep an eye on them for potential problems. So here are some signs of structural damages that could be present in your house.


Cracks in your walls, in stoneworks and bricks, may be common, so you might think that it’s normal. However, it could also be a sign of a serious problem in the foundation of your home. The crack can be a sign that the house is settling more on the other side than the other. So the more the house is settling on one side, the more there is pressure; this is why you will see cracks.

The most common type of crack you’ll normally see is the crack that goes up in the diagonal pattern. The crack usually appears in a stair-step pattern. However, you can also see vertical and horizontal cracks that can be signs of structural damage. If you see cracks in your wall and stoneworks, it may be a good idea to contact a professional home inspector to examine your house to ensure that potential issues will be caught on before it’s too late.

Sagging and leaking roof

Ideally, your roof should last for twenty to thirty years before it needs replacing. Now, if your roof is way too far before it reaches its end, and it has started leaking, then it is a sign that there may be issues in the roof timber. A leaking and sagging roof usually means that there are problems in the roof structure itself. It may be caused by the removal of bearing walls or the overloading of framed timbers.

The damage can also be caused by poor maintenance, termite or weather conditions. The moment your roof is starting to leak, you should hire an expert to have it checked. Doing repairs promptly can save you thousands of dollars than doing it at a later time.

Uneven floor

Tilting of the floor can be a sign of a house settling issue. Even if the floor is just slightly tilted, it is still a sign of uneven flooring which means your house is settling unevenly. More than an annoyance, tilting or uneven flooring should be a safety concern. Someone in the house may trip, or something may fall off because of the uneven floor, which can cause an injury. More than anything, you should take the structural problem that causes the uneven flooring as it can be a risk to your safety.

Serious causes of uneven flooring include poor construction and poorly settled foundation. To assess the problem, you may need an engineer to take a look at the issue.

Sticking windows and doors

You know that your doors and windows are functioning well if they open and close the way they are supposed to. However, if you are experiencing a hard time closing and opening your doors and windows properly, then it can be a sign of a structural issue in the house. There may be some movement in the house.

You may be noticing doors, including cabinet doors, may open on their own. This means that the house is settling in one direction; thus, the reason why doors tilt away from the wall, they are unlikely to stay closed. This is a sign that the foundation of the house may need fixing.

Structural problems in the house are serious and should be a concern. If there are structural problems, you should have them fixed right away to ensure that you and your family are safe. If the issues are not fixed right away, you may feel uncomfortable in your house. The worst case is, your house may collapse, putting everyone at risk.

If you are starting to see one or more signs mentioned above in your property, then you should call a professional home inspector to conduct a thorough inspection of your house. This way, you will know information about the true state of your house.

The reason why you need an expert is that structural issues cannot be easily spotted, especially by those without proper knowledge and experience. It’s hard to deal with finding structural damage on your own, so hiring a professional will help you speed up the process and address the issues right away.

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