Warning signs you should look out for when buying a new home

Planning to buy a new home can be an exciting feeling. You are likely to imagine how it will look like when it’s finally yours. However, buying a new property and navigating the real estate market is quite a complicated process. Between the rising costs of properties and all the cash offers, it can be tough out there. For new buyers, it can be stressful.

So, if you find a home that you like and you can afford, you may feel like buying the property right away. But not so fast. Before you make the offer, make sure that you inspect the building properly. Even if it appears to be in pretty good shape, you still have to evaluate its real condition through proper inspection carefully. Remember, looks can be deceiving.

Well, of course, there are things that you can ignore—small details like wrong paint choices, outdated appliances and unnecessary decors. But other things might be the real deal-breakers. If you fail to look over these, your investment can soon be a waste of money.

So here are the signs that are worth checking and you should patiently inspect.

Length of time that the property has been on the market

You should know how long it has been up for sale. It’s a vital sign where many people don’t bother knowing. You should investigate how long does the house has been up for sale and if it has been listed in other real estate agencies. Now, if the property has been for sale for quite a while and has been listed across many real estate agencies, then you know that there may be a serious issue. You should research and gather information on this house. If you can’t find any, then it is safe to back out and find another one.

The roof

If you are drawn to the lovely exterior of the house and the amazing landscaping, you often forget to look up. The roof can last up to 30 years or more if it’s properly maintained. But it has been installed poorly with low-quality materials; then it means that it may require repairs or replacement much sooner. See if you can spot a dry rot. This is a sign of poor ventilation which can lead to crumbling and sagging.

Do not rely on what you can see from the ground. You should hire a professional inspector to get to the roof and conduct a proper evaluation.

Mould, dampness and water stains

It is easy to spot water damage. Look for yellow stains in ceilings, walls and other exterior sidings. Watermarks and ruined paint can also be a sign of water damage. You might also see or feel that a part of the wall has bloated or some features are not sturdy as the rest of the wall. If you see a fresh pain over a bulge on the wall or the ceiling, then the seller might be doing cover-ups. They are probably hiding a water problem. Also, go into the basement. Signs of run-off and mineral deposit are a warning signal that the house tends to flood during heavy rains.

Water damage can cause weakening on the structure of the house. It can also cause mould, which can be a threat to your health. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the moulds because it can be located inside the walls or underneath the floor. But if you spot water damage, then you can be sure that there is mould somewhere. If there are visible signs of moulds, then think many times if you should continue to purchase the property.

Cracks and failures on the foundation

It’s quite obvious to know if the building has a strong foundation if you know what to look for. A bowed foundation or a load-bearing wall is a sign of poor foundation. Cracks on the wall are a serious concern. Even if the cracks have been patched and reinforcement of the foundation has been done, it can still cause a headache in the future.

If you did not spot a problem in the foundation, it doesn’t mean that there is no problem at all. The issue might be in the yard grading. The water can still run down on the foundation if there is a slope toward the house. There can be a pressure build-up which can cause damage to the foundation.

Get a home inspection.

These warning signs are important to make sure that you’ll be making a wise investment. However, you’d be smart if you get a building inspection service. Don’t let the seller or an agent convinced you not to get one. Even if they present you with their inspection report, it will still be helpful if you hire a professional inspector to conduct the inspection again and give you an extensive inspection report.

With All About Building Inspection, you are guaranteed that you’ll have an assessment of the overall structure and condition of the house from the hands of the experts. Some problems might be lurking beneath the beautiful surface of the house. Getting our inspection service can save you from making a useless investment. We will help you find a house that will meet all your expectations.

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