Common Defects in Stairs and Steps that Require Instant Attention

A building is nothing without the stairs, as you will be using them numerous times a day. Therefore, any issue with the stairs not just leads to injuries but it can have a significant impact on the value of the property.

Buyers often overlook the stairs thinking that they don’t contribute to the aesthetics and have a basic purpose. However, it’s essential to check the stairs properly before buying a property if you want to make a fool-proof investment.

Here are some common defects in stairs and steps that require immediate attention. Moreover, you should look for these defects if interested in purchasing a property.

Irregular Steps

You won’t be able to find out this issue without climbing the stairs, and it can cause serious injuries, especially to the kids and the elderly. The ideal run of staircase tread is around 240 to 355mm. Anything lesser or bigger than that is considered to be irregular.

In staircases with irregular steps, some steps are bigger, whereas some are shorter, so your feet do not get enough support, and it can result in slipping.

Cracked Treads

Cracked and defective stairs need immediate attention. Stairs that are built properly do not have any cracks or signs of damages. The cracked tread can collapse anytime, which can cause several damages to the property, while it is fatal for the residents as well.

The cranked treads can be expensive to deal with, and in some situations, you might have to replace the entire staircase. It would be great to hire a reliable building inspection company in Cannons Creek to inspect the property and stairs thoroughly.

Isolated Steps

Just like the staircase run, the ideal height of the stairs should be 190 to 195mm. Furthermore, the angle should be around 30 to 38 degrees. In some cases, the stairs are not created equal, and there is a difference in the height of the angle, which causes difficulties in using the stairs.

Also, balancing on such stairs is a painstaking task, especially for people with disabilities. The level of the steps should be uniform, and all steps should be equal.

You can get the level of steps adjusted if required, but it would be great to avoid investing in properties with noticeable isolated steps issues.

Creaky and Squeaky Stairs

Creaky and squeaky stairs might not seem a big issue, but it is a sign of something major. The biggest reason behind the noise is loose nails or screws. Also, the shrinking timber can cause those loud squeaks when you walk on the stairs.

Fortunately, you can get this issue fixed, but it is essential to get it checked by a building inspector, as in some cases, the reason is pest infestation , which makes the steps lose the nails.

Low Headroom

Under the Building Code of Australia , lower headroom is not good and can be troublesome for the residents. The headroom refers to the height between the stair’s nose and the ceiling.

There should be ample headroom so that your head does not strike against the ceiling when climbing the stairs. As per the Building Code of Australia, the ideal headroom is approx. 2.1 meters.

Lower headroom can result in injuries to the head and can make it difficult to use the stairs.

No Railings

Railings are essential to safely use the stairs, and if there are no railings, you need to get them installed immediately. Some modern homes have bigger stairs, but there are no railings, which cause difficulty for kids and seniors to use them.

According to the Australian Standards , the stairway should have a guard railing on the exposed side.

Stairs with railings curtail the chances of fall and slip. The ideal height of the railings is between 900mm to 1100mm. Furthermore, the railing should be uniform from start to end and should be strong enough to handle the good weight.

Should I Buy a House with Such Stairs and Steps Issues?

Buying a property requires a huge investment, so it is crucial to get it inspected by experts. Some stairs and steps issues are not very critical and can be fixed without breaking the bank.

Only a pre-purchase building inspector can help you determine the staircase issues. Also, the inspectors will look for all major and minor issues so that you can make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

Finding these steps and stairs issues becomes easier when you have AABI by your side. At All About Building Inspections, we are a team of expert inspectors that can find all major and minor issues in a building.

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