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Types of Building Inspection Services Offered at AABI

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you wish to gain more profit when it comes to dealing in property. Buyers neither want a building full of deficiencies nor do they deserve to pay the amount asked by the seller. On the other hand, sellers also don’t deserve to get less for their property. Inspection is the only solution to making the deal ideal and honest. We at AABI offer a range of building inspection services, thanks to our team of inspection experts.

• Pre-Purchase Building Inspection: This is a comprehensive inspection conducted before purchasing a property. It assesses the overall condition of the building, including its structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, roofing, and more.

• Pre-Sale Building Inspection: A pre-sale building inspection is conducted by sellers before listing their property for sale. It helps identify any existing problems or necessary repairs that could affect the property’s value or saleability. Sellers can address these issues beforehand or adjust the listing price accordingly.

• New Construction Inspection: This type of inspection is conducted during or after the construction of a new building. It ensures that the construction meets quality standards, adheres to building codes and regulations, and identifies any defects or areas that need improvement.

• Structural Inspection: A structural building inspection in Victoria focuses specifically on the structural components of a building, such as the foundation, walls, columns, beams, and roof. It assesses the integrity and stability of these elements, identifying any structural issues such as cracks, settlement, or inadequate support.

• Pest Inspection: Pest inspections, also known as termite inspections in Melbourne, focus on identifying the presence of pests, particularly termites, and assessing any damage caused by them. This type of inspection is crucial in regions prone to termite infestations and helps protect the property from potential structural damage.

• Handover Inspection: Also known as a final inspection, it is conducted when a newly constructed property is handed over to the buyer. This inspection ensures that the construction has been completed as per the agreed-upon plans and building codes.

What is Special about Building and Pest Inspection Report?

A building and pest inspection report is unique because it provides a comprehensive assessment of both the structural condition of a property and the presence of pests. These reports detail the findings of the inspection, including any defects, damage, or infestations discovered. At AABI, we provide detailed reports based on thorough inspections, which often include photographs, descriptions, and recommendations for repairs or further investigations.

How to Know the Price of Building and Pest Inspections

The price of a building and pest inspection can vary depending on factors such as the location, size, and complexity of the property. To know the best pest inspection price near me, it’s recommended to contact professionals at AABI and request a quote. However, we offer exceptional building and pest inspection services at very reasonable prices.

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