8 Building Issues You Should Never Ignore When Buying a House in Bonbeach

Buying a house is still a dream for many, and if you are about to make this dream come true, you have achieved a big benchmark in your life!

However, not every property is perfect, and that’s what you need to know. No matter how beautiful the façade looks, you should inspect the foundation and other components that affect the longevity of the property.

In this article, I’ve covered eight building issues you should never overlook when buying a house in Bonbeach. Furthermore, you can use these issues as strong grounds to negotiate better and get your favourite property at the best price.

  1. Flaking Paint

    The peeling and flaking paint aren’t just unsightly but also indicates that the property needs repainting. Also, the flaking paint shows that there is a mould problem in the property, which can be costly to repair.

    Furthermore, significant exposure to rain and sun causes the paint to lose its grip and fall off from the walls or ceiling.

    Inspect the paint on the exterior or interior of the building, or get a professional building inspector in Bonbeach to help you check the paint and other related things.

  2. Roofing Problems

    A leaky roof can be exorbitant when it comes to repairs, and you should always avoid buying such properties. The biggest reason behind roof problems is mould and water.

    Also, sometimes the material used to construct the roof is not of good quality, which curtails the lifespan and strength of the roof, and it can collapse anytime.

    Checking the roof issues is not very easy and requires several tools such as moisture meters, so hiring experts would be great.

    Look for any roof issues such as broken tiles, as they show that the roof is not in good shape and need immediate help.

  3. Faulty Lighting

    Faulty lighting is a sign that there is something wrong with the electrical components. Some common signs of such issues include a change in the flickering light, dysfunctional light switches, and dim lights.

    You should determine if the problem is related to the bulbs only or the major electrical wiring. As checking such issues involves great risk, having experts by your side is important.

    A building inspector will inspect all electrical components and wirings and prepare a detailed report to help you know about electrical issues.

  4. Foundation Cracks

    Foundation cracks are one of the biggest defects in a building that you should never ignore. Other than spotting the cracks in the foundations, other key indicators of foundation problems are difficult to open doors and windows.

    When the foundation shifts from its place, the doors and windows become difficult to open and shut. Repairing the foundation cracks is an expensive affair, and in some cases, they are not repairable.

  5. Pests

    Pest infestation is common in some areas of Australia because of the humid climate. There are plenty of common household pests that take refuge in a house and party by eating the wooden items.

    Finding signs of pest infestation is easy, as you can see the wooden things inside a home losing their strength, and there will be several holes in the wood.

    However, only a pest expert can evaluate the damage done by the pests. So, you should look for a pest inspector to get the ultimate benefits of inspections.

  6. Moss and Fungus

    Folks that have done their research before buying a property already know about wet and dry rot. These two types of fungi can cause substantial damage to the property, especially to the timber structures.

    Moss is usually on the external area of a property and causes blockages to the gutters and drains, which then lead to other issues.

  7. Damaged or Clogged Gutters

    Gutters should always function properly, else they can affect the walls, foundations, and ceiling of a building. Debris and other such elements can cause the gutters to get blocked, and the water finds its way through the walls, dampening them and causing the paint to peel off.

    If you notice pooling water over the roof, consider inspecting the gutters.

  8. Excessively Dirty Vents

    Granted, the chimney and other vents aren’t going to be spotless, but they shouldn’t be excessively dirty either. Dirty vents mean that the property has not been cleaned for a long time and require a deep cleaning, which is, of course, expensive.


These are the eight building issues you should never ignore when buying a house. When you know about these issues, you can easily decide if a particular property is worth buying or not.

It is essential to have All About Building Inspection by your side, as we are the best building inspectors in Bonbeach. From checking the gutters to inspecting the roof, we do a thorough inspection of a building and prepare a detailed report on it.

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